September 20, 2019


To be honest, Slovenia was never really high on my travel bucket list. In fact I didnt really know much about it. And never heard much about it either. But once we decided to go and started asking around for tips I was surprised how much response we got. Everyone was like "yeah, go to Slovenia! It is such a beautiful country. And the nature is unique!"Ok, so we decided to do some research and off we drove. The day we crossed ...


März 25, 2019


Foodstyling: Lukas Grossmann Berlin Travel Israel Fotograf:Lukas Grossmann

For me there are two good reasons to come here. First of all, my sister has been living in Israel for quite a while now. For some reason she looks way more local than she looks German. Maybe that is why she assimilated so fast. Rebekka, who recently finished her PhD in history, loves this country. And yes! - there is a lot of history on these streets. It is a very big playground for historians indeed. But why did she fall ...


September 20, 2018


Greece has never been on my list of top 10 countries to travel to. I don't exactly know why. People who have visited Greece never came back with bad memories. Instead, they were full of love for this country. The culture, the nature, the food - everything seemed to be amazing. At the beginning of 2018 I had already visited the super exciting but exhausting country of India and I was searching for a place where the ...


Januar 02, 2018


Beginning of 2018, I visited my dear friend Tom in India who had spend 6 months in Delhi for an intership. Together we started our trip in Delhi to travel through Rajasthan, Mumbai & Goa. 2 friends. 4 weeks. 2758 km. millions of  pictures. For more please also visit: tomleslie   Please also visit: ...


Mai 10, 2017


After my trip to Australia in 2017 I spent two more weeks in Thailand. I needed a break from the past and as much distraction as possible. Bangkok is probably the most distracting place you can find. And the streetfood is just mindblowing...   Please also visit ...


April 25, 2017


Beginning of 2017, I spent 4 Months in Australia. It was a journey full of amazing impressions, strong emotions, new experiences & significant decisions. Even though it wasnt just an easy time it made me who I am today.       please also visit ...