Greece has never been on my list of top 10 countries to travel to. I don’t exactly know why.
People who have visited Greece never came back with bad memories. Instead, they were full of love for this country. The culture, the nature, the food – everything seemed to be amazing.

At the beginning of 2018 I had already visited the super exciting but exhausting country of India and I was searching for a place where the word „holiday“ was more fitting.  Something close by, where the water was still warm, the food was good and accommodations weren’t too expensive – after some research Greece seemed to be it!


One of the oldest cities in our western world – full of history!
Moreover, Athens is full of people, graffiti, tourists and of course a lot of good opportunities to eat.

But on top of that, there is this certain atmosphere in the air. People were suffering after the financial crisis. Especially younger people are frustrated. Unemployment rates are high. Crime rate has risen too. And nearly every second building that used to be an office building is empty now.
But Athens seems to be at a turning point. More and more new, modern restaurants, cafes and shops have opened only a few years or even months ago. Neighbourhoods that were avoided earlier have become cool and fancy spots where you meet with friends in the evenings.

It’s obvious that Athens is becoming one of Europe’s most interesting cities within the next couple of years.



After our time in Athens, we took the fairy to Andros. It isn’t far away from the port of Rafina and not as crowded as some of the other islands of the Cyclades. And it’s worth finding a place on the east side of the island. Way more chilled and quiet!

Tinos, which is just south of Andros, was the next island we hopped over to. It’s quite popular among Greeks and many come for the weekends. Besides, it is a very relaxed island and can be discovered with a rental car in only one day.

All in all, this trip to Greece was much more than I expected. Super friendly people! A perfect environment for travellers, who like to relax a bit. And awesome, honest and simply delicious food.

Simply the weather was as expected – perfect!


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