To be honest, Slovenia was never really high on my travel bucket list. In fact I didnt really know much about it. And never heard much about it either.
But once we decided to go and started asking around for tips I was surprised how much response we got.

Everyone was like „yeah, go to Slovenia! It is such a beautiful country. And the nature is unique!“
Ok, so we decided to do some research and off we drove.

The day we crossed the border driving into the Slovenian Alpes it was very cloudy and rainy. But it was one of these days were this bad weather would turn the scene into something magical.

Unfortunately the weather didnt really changed much during our trip in Slovenia. So hiking & camping didnt went as planed.
Anyways we got a very good impression of how amazing it must be hiking through the deep green forests or swimming through the crystal clear, turquoise blue Soča! Next time!

Luckily there are other things you can do in Slovenia.

One: Visiting the beautiful city Ljubljana. A place with an ancient medieval charme, an awesome coffee and gastro scene and one big amazing farmers market!

Two: Going out for dinner at Hiša Franco – Slovenias finest and most exciting place to eat and drink!
Of course I had watched every single episode of chefs table. But 4 weeks before we left to Slovenia I wasnt aware that one of the first episode’s chef – Ana Ros – and her restaurant was located in the north of Slovenia. So we decided to go and we weren’t disappointed. In fact it was one of my most satisfying restaurant experiences!